About the directors

Hannie van den Bergh is a visual artist, graphic designer, filmmaker, researcher, educator, innovator, activist, and connector. She uses these qualities to explore radical imagination. She develops methods and give courses to scientists and artists to broaden their horizons and open new, creative perspectives. She is regularly invited, by national and international art institutions and scientific organisations, to shape future scenarios, develop community art projects, and exhibit her work.


Jan van den Berg is an independent documentary theatre- and filmmaker who creates work in the borderland of performing arts and science. He created a large variety of theatre shows about scientific topics such as i.a. particle physics, nano science, genomics, and the history of anatomy. He teaches at the Department of Theatre Directing of the Academy of Theatre and Dance (Amsterdam University of the Arts).


Together they debuted as filmmakers, in 2008 at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA), with their documentary “Higgs, into the heart of imagination”, which was awarded with the Grand Prix of the 2012 edition of the Film&Science Amsterdam Festival.